Dietary supplement


– strength from within

Selected bacterial culture with protein building block, turmeric, green tea, zinc, and vitamins


Our 10-in-1 capsule combines a selected bacterial culture with the right protein building block. In addition to zinc, B vitamins, biotin and vitamin D, it contains valuable ingredients of the originally wild mountain plants green tea and turmeric. The capsule's special pH-monitored protective shell ensures that its contents reach the intestine.

Vitamin B6, B12 and biotin contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and the normal psychological function.

Vitamin B6, B12, D and zinc contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Zinc contributes to the normal cognitive function and contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function, normal bones and normal calcium levels in the blood.

Vitamin B6 and B12 and pantothenic acid contribute to the normal energy metabolism and contribute to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes.

Unleash your full potential.

Find your true self.

Concentration, performance and stamina are important factors for achieving personal goals. Body and mind have to form a powerful team every day to bring this about.


– strength from within

Selected bacterial culture with protein building block, turmeric, green tea, zinc, and vitamins

Recommended intake

2 capsules per day swallowed whole with water, with or without a meal.


L-alanyl-L-glutamine, coating agent (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), turmeric extract, green tea extract, resistant corn dextrin, coating agent (E1207), zinc gluconate, coating agents (talc, polyethylene glycol, triethyl citrate, polysorbate 80), Bacillus subtilis, calcium D-pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, D-biotin, methylcobalamin, cholecalciferol

Please note

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Dietary supplements should not be used instead of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Not recommended for children, adolescents, pregnant and nursing women. Keep out of reach of small children. Protect from light.


Composition Per daily amount
= 2 capsules
NRV * *
Bacterial culture
Bacillus subtilis 
2 billion 
CFU * * *
- *
L-alanyl-L-glutamin 290 mg - *
Turmeric extract 90 mg - *
Green tea extract 90 mg - *
Zinc 5 mg 50
Pantothenic acid 2,4 mg 40
Vitamin B6 0,56 mg 40
D-biotin 20 µg 40
Vitamin B12 0,75 µg 30
Vitamin D 4 µg 80
* No nutrient reference values available
* * % of the nutrient reference value
* * * CFU = colony-forming units


Strength from within

Start each day fresh and full of energy? Yes! For this to happen, your body and mind must form a powerful team to face many new challenges successfully. Exercise and diet help you be prepared for any situation.

A healthy and balanced diet and the right way of utilizing your food effect the body’s energy supply. Giving our body the nutrients it needs is the basis for physical well-being and gives us strength from within so that we can achieve everything we want in our everyday lives. This process takes place in the intestine, which means it is indirectly involved in the processes that take place in all other organs.

Our SAMANA® FORCE performance tip:

Climbing is a healthy alternative to traditional weight training. It involves both the muscles and the mind to get to the top. Rugged rock faces call for maximum focus, body tension and risk management. Every climbing route is a new adventure that challenges you physically and mentally.

“To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities.”
–Bruce Lee


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